Thursday, July 9, 2009


By Roger Pe

How bad is your Afritada or Caldereta without them?

Without potatoes, Filipino dishes that have Spanish influences may have that rich, delectable sauciness but lack one important thing - body.

The good news is, potatoes do not make you fat.
The better news is, they’re cholesterol-free.
The best news is, they can fatten your income and keep bakeries’ business body and soul together.

How far can commercial bakery operators increase productivity and income poundage? Get up from your couch. Yield in to “Cash Potato.”

At the Philippines’ World Trade Center, World Baker’s Fair sparked a new vigor to Philippine economy by unveiling its fifth edition to capacity crowd.

The most important international showcase for bakers and its affiliate industries (manufacturers of ingredients - canned and raw materials, owners of restaurant and café services, packaging and training course providers, makers of ovens, ice cream, pasta, confectionery, cafes and patisserie equipment among others), unraveled a world of new marketing possibilities that could modernize how Filipinos in these fields operate.

Popular among exhibit goers was a little corner put up by United States Potato Board, a non-profit organization representing around 4,000 potato growers in the U.S.

Celebrity Pinoy chefs Gene Gonzales, Heny Sison, Jill Sandique and Thad Gayanelo each had a day full signing autographs for admirers as they spoke about yummy delicacies made from USPB dehydrated potatoes. Popular tv host Chef Heny dished out Pinoy goodies - Pan de Sal, Bibingka, Caldereta Lasagna, Chicken Afritada, Pancit Molo, Stuffed Crab, Doughnuts, Leche Rolls, Custard, Chocolate and Custard Cakes – among them, all devastatingly delicious, all documented in a beautiful USPB recipe book prepared by herself and her culinary team.

There are thousands of bakers in the Philippines and other parts of Asia, of varying sizes, providing jobs and serving food to millions. “Using dehydrated potatoes can help commercial bakery operators achieve economies of scale,” says Teresa Kuwahara, USPB International Marketing Manager for Dehydrated Potatoes.

Dehydrated Potatoes are so-called because of a careful U.S. processing technique that retains most of their nutrition content and fresh potato flavor. Concentrated, fat and cholesterol-free, USPB Dehydrated Potatoes are convenient to ship and have a remarkable shelf life of 9 months minimum to 18-25 months maximum.