Sunday, February 12, 2012


by Roger Pe
Philippine Daily Inquirer
February 13, 2012

Cloudy today, it’s gloomy or rainy day tomorrow.

The sun never shines as bright as we’ve always wanted. Neither do rainbows.

Life has many ups and downs, and is definitely, not a bed of roses.

Some things suddenly become uncool when we wake up in the morning.

Today, you’re the apple of the eye of somebody, tomorrow, you can never tell.

In many things in life, we can’t have it our way.

But what if there’s something we can do about them, if we can create our own “little rainbows”, and experience them every day?

Have you seen Globe Postpaid’s TV commercial lately?

Come, take a look a little closer, linger awhile … think about the love of your life, would you want to create your own story, too?

Watching the latest campaign from the leader in postpaid makes us remember life’s many delightful moments, the things we treasure dearest to our hearts flash back to our consciousness.

It makes us hopelessly romantic again, taking us back in time to our childhood days of joyfulness.

Globe makes it fun to reminisce all those innocent days of spontaneity and amazement, the zest for life, even the naughty puppy love days.

We wished upon a star when we were so na├»ve. We’ve never forgotten to do the same when we became wiser and more logical, how Globe makes us see life in a sweeter perspective.

What’s the story all about?

A young man sits in the park while he watches the world passes by. He muses about the love of his life wondering if he can create a beautiful story about it.

“I’ll begin “habang bata pa lang ako” (at tender age),” his voice poignantly echoes.

He waxes romantic and plays a matchmaker: “I will make a perfect couple fall in love, I’ll make them neighbors …”

We are brought next to two adjacent and brightly colored townhouses, with two upper windows facing each other. You’d expect to see Romeo profess his undying love to Juliet by the veranda.

A falling star quietly passes by, caught by a reflection on the window. His voice wafts in the air: “I wish that their first born be a girl, and because we’re so close, I can see her every day.”

Dissolve to a breathtaking scene. Mesmerizing, as it is captivating, picture perfect, reminiscent of a Renoir’s landscape painting.

Towards the romantic build-up, he completes his soliloquy: “I will tell her what I feel when the right time comes.”

He picks a yellow aster from the ground, circles the stem on his finger and makes a flower ring out of it, ready to offer to the girl.

But life has many twists and turns. He sees a mirage, the girl going away. He drops the little ‘ring’ but hears a voice from behind soon after: “Sa akin ito?” (Is this for me?)

All is well, happy ending and a voice punctuates the story: “Nothing comes close to the beauty of creating the life you want.”

How reassuring, how sweet – life’s many surprises.

Globe Postpaid’s TV commercial entitled “My Super Wish For Love” is a tribute to consumers, the brand’s respect for its subscribers and its unwavering commitment to making lives a little better by strengthening bonds, forging connections, and bridging gaps wherever, whenever people are.

The TVC is headlined by Globe My Super Plan, the most flexible postpaid plan in the market today, letting you choose and customize your plan based on your choice of consumables, freebies, unlimited services, and handsets so you can enjoy your postpaid plan your way.

As a product, My Super Plan embodies empowerment, allowing us to create, be in control, and live a worry-free life because we get exactly what we want.

That’s total satisfaction from Globe: Guaranteed. Cases in point –

Bill Shock. For as long as you are registered to any data plan or service, you don’t need to monitor your usage as a My Super Plan user because you can be confident that you will never pay more than P999 for mobile surfing.

7-Day Phone Warranty. Should you happen to receive a phone with your newly acquired Globe postpaid plan, and the phone doesn’t quite meet your satisfaction, it can be replaced within 7 days from date of purchase, no questions asked.

24/7 Easy-Access. Subscribers here and abroad can get real-time feedback from customer service representatives (CSR) who are on duty round-the-clock.

That’s through the chat functionality available on Globe website or by adding Talk2Globe account (Talk2GLOBECHAT) on Yahoo! Messenger.

Globe subscribers anywhere in the Philippines can also get assistance through SMS by texting HELP to 1234 for free. Also available are the Talk2Globe Hotline via 730-1000 (toll-free via Globe Landline) or 211 (toll-free via Globe/TM mobile), official Talk2Globe social networking accounts: Facebook and Twitter and Talk2Globe email account (

With all these exclusive perks you get from being a Globe My Super Plan user, you can really create a plan for you, by you and enjoy life’s greatest pleasures just the way it’s destined to be.

With Globe Postpaid, nothing really comes close to the beauty of creating the life you want, the way you want it and, surprise, surprise, you can have it your way.

My Super Plan is available in all Globe stores nationwide. To know more about My Super Plan, visit a Globe Store nearest you, call the Globe Sales Hotline at (02) 730-1010 or log on to