Sunday, September 18, 2011


Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 15, 2011

Remember when mobile phones were just for calling and texting?

With technology moving at supersonic speed, the mobile phone has definitely taken us farther than we could imagine, enriching our lives and answering many people’s needs.

And as it grows by leaps and bounds, we enjoy more innovative features and services we never thought could be possible.

Fast-forward. These changes have made life more convenient – even more exciting. Mobile browsing, or Internet on our celfone, for example, opened us to an entire world of connectivity.

The days when we have to go home, stay late in the office to send an email or look for an Internet café just to get connected to the World Wide Web are over.

Now, all we need is our reliable mobile phone and we’re one with the universe in a snap.

Email, which has become an important part of our life to keep in touch with the outside world, can now be accessed anytime, anywhere – through our own mobile phones.

Who doesn’t want to know what is happening around? News. Movie schedules. Traffic situation. Scores at UAAP games. Most downloaded songs? Mobile surfing allows us to find out what we need when we need it - without having to search for a Wi-Fi connection or a PC just to be kept in the loop.

Today’s technology has gave us wide mobile phone applications: from game, travel, reference, lifestyle, and even specialized apps for just about every need.

You can download these into your smartphone if you need to read documents on the road while commuting from one meeting to another.

You can try Springpad or mobile versions of Adobe Reader. Or you can share photos, store and organize recipes, play games with friends — they’re all on the mobile web.

Speaking of websites, you’ve probably got a Facebook, Twitter, or Multiply account and can’t probably stand it when you don’t get to log in for a day.

Mobile internet allows us to let our family and friends online know what we’re thinking, doing, watching, and liking —by the minute, wherever we are.

All these now made possible with your internet-capable handset: a Globe mobile internet plan, and a Globe network that’s made even stronger and faster. Voila, you’re on with Globe.

Customizable Mobile Browsing Plans

So you can enjoy mobile internet your way, Globe has tailor-fit mobile data plans based on your needs, activities and transactions, as well as sites you visit.

After all, the Globe experience is all about personalization, customization and flexibility, providing Globe-fanatics a unique and enjoyable connection all the time.

Want to enjoy the most affordable mobile internet plan? Globe Prepaid PowerSurf15. Send a quick e-mail or two, post a status update, upload a photo of that yummy dessert you just enjoyed, re-tweet the newest MMDA traffic advisory to spread the news, Google-up a word you just encountered, or check if you can make it to the last screening of your fave flick – all for P0.25 a minute.

With Globe, the benefits are endless. Boring yourself to death while on traffic or in a long queue may just be a thing of the past as you find joy in tinkering with your mobile phone while you’re on-line.

Globe Prepaid PowerSurf15 is available for only P0.25 per minute or P15 for 1 hour, consumable for an entire day’s use. With this uber cool and affordable offer, you don’t have to rush to the office or to the nearest ‘Net café just to send an important e-mail.

You can skip the traffic because you know which roads are full. All you need is your mobile phone and Globe PowerSurf to be continuously in-the-know while you’re on the go.

If you’re hungry for more, then, there’s Globe Postpaid PowerSurf for you. It is a mobile internet plan that gives Globe Postpaid subscribers bulk megabytes (MB) of mobile data, consumable per kilobyte (kb) and valid for 30 days.

Postpaid PowerSurf allows you to be ON at fixed charges, enabling you to enjoy push notifications and instant updates on your mobile phone. Globe Postpaid PowerSurf is available in 3 denominations: PowerSurf 99 with 50MB allocation, PowerSurf 299 with 300MB allocation and PowerSurf 499 with 1GB allocation.

Not too privy about KB/MB consumption of mobile data? Fast facts: A 1 one-minute YouTube video viewed is approximately 2MB, 1 pure text e-mail sent is approximately 20KB, 1 pure text tweet sent is approximately 30KB, 1 page of a Google search result is approximately 40KB.

One page of Facebook ( is approximately 25KB. PowerSurf 99 lets you enjoy 1,250 Google searches or viewing of 25 1-minute videos! Visit for a quick assessment of your mobile data usage as well as for more details on KB/MB usage.

Turn on your Globe PowerSurf now! For Prepaid PowerSurf, text POWERSURF15 to 8888 to register. Other available variants: Text POWERSURF30 to 8888, P30 for 3 hours, valid 1 day; text POWERSURF50 to 8888, P50 for 5 hours, valid 3 days. For Postpaid PowerSurf, text POWERSURF 99, POWERSURF 299 and POWERSURF 499 to 8888.

Content-rich Mobile Browsing Experience

Once you’ve selected which mobile data plan suits you best, it’s time to complete your mobile internet experience by choosing applications and content that are sure to hook and make you yearn for more.

Globe has partnered with some of the best content providers to make your experience exciting and relevant.

Catch the latest UAAP games live on your mobile phone* without falling in line to get tickets. You don’t need to be at the court just to see your favorite collegiate cagers and show some school pride.

Key in on your phone browser to watch the games live on your cellphone. You can also text UAAP and send to 2910 to view live streaming of the games on your phone.

Can’t get enough of music and need a dose of it to get you through the day? Download the hottest and latest songs on your phone for free. Just visit the Globe Mobile Portal at to start compiling your list.

Full songs are available for download with new songs added every week. To get the WAP link, text FREESONGS to 2910.

For Facebook junkies who want to be the first to know the latest post, like or comment, download the Facebook Java application on your phone and use it for FREE until October 31, 2011. Just text FB to 2910 and click on the link to start your download.

Just recently, Globe launched m.globe, its all-in-one mobile portal that allows users to enjoy the best of mobile web in a single platform. Through m.globe, users get instant access to Facebook and Twitter, send and receive e-mails via Yahoo, Gmail or Windows Live, search via Google, monitor account balance, get the latest news and entertainment updates, plus enjoy exclusive content on their mobile phones in a snap.

Users of Android phones can also download the Android widget for free from m.globe. To access m.globe for free, text M.GLOBE to 2910 or visit on your mobile phone now.

Isn’t your mobile life more wonderful with this portfolio of mobile internet services from Globe? To be in is to be ON with Globe Mobile Internet. Turn it on now!