Monday, March 30, 2015


This was a raw diamond before it was produced. We polished and re-polished the edges until we were happy with the results. Credit goes to G.I. Samudio, my art Art Director for the idea.
In mid 2000, getting your work published in Archive was the bomb. We were one of few Pinoys who made it to this hot global ad industry trade magazine. On this spread: my concept and Kai Ming Wong's brilliant art direction, a campaign to promote a deodorant brand during the advent of the Chinese New Year.
An ad for a bleaching brand that retains clothes original color. I did the illustration, too. Unfortunately, the product shot was cropped out while trying to upload the material. Manny de Paz, my ever-reliable AD, helped me produce this material.
I have always been very generous in crediting people and including them on the credit list. But when total ownership of the work is claimed, that is an icky feeling.